NEW! Keeps Gun Metal Looking Brand New! AMMO - Avoid Menacing Metal Oxidation
STEP 1: Clean Firearm
Clean the firearm or any other metal being treated with AMMO. Surface should be clean and free of oil, dirt and oxidation prior to treatment.
STEP 2: Apply AMMO
Using a clean, lint-free cloth, apply a thin even coat of AMMO on the surface of the component. Leave AMMO on the part for approximately one minute.
Wipe off any excess residue with a clean cloth. If the surface exhibits a cloudy appearance, wipe with a damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth, to remove any remaining residue.
STEP 3: Complete!
The process is complete and your part will be protected against humidity, moisture and other environmental hazards. AMMO will not harm or alter the finish of the part it is used on.
A component can be treated many times to provide added protection against corrosive elements. Moisture stands on surface and cannot penetrate AMMO's protective barrier.

What types of metal will AMMO protect?

All types of metallic surfaces prone to oxidation can benefit from AMMO protection. Cast Iron, stamped and cast metals, and aluminum are some of the common applications. AMMO works great to preserve natural metal components in a like new condition.

Will AMMO attract dirt?

Unlike oily products, AMMO once applied is dry to the touch but the metal is protected from humidity and moisture.

Do I need to reapply AMMO?

If the area is subject to abrasion, spray or impact, touch up may be require.

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